LONGINES FEI / WBFSH World Breeding Dressage Championships for Young Horses

Silver medal for Governor-STR. and Adelinde Cornelissen


Governor-STR. (Totilas x Orleans) and Adelinde Cornelissen were placed directly for the final. With a fantastic dressage test today, Governor-STR wins the silver medal for the six-year dressage horses with beautiful scores; Trot: 9.3 - Walk: 8.8 - Canter: 9.0 - Submission: 8.9 - Perspective: 9.3 and a total of 9.06.


Genua TC

Genua TC (Charmeur x Toulouse) and Jeanine Nieuwenhuis participated in the small final six-year dressage horses on Saterday. On Friday, Genua TC suffered from tension, but the combination showed a very nice test Saturday with a good score list, including nines for trot and canter. Unfortunately, not enough to go to the final.


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