Sold: Kidane Alpha

Sold: homebred Kidane Alpha (Cidane x Zwinging Alpha)

Hombred Kidane Alpha comes from a very interesting dam-line. The daughter of the stallion Cidane (Heartbreaker)

is bred out of the mare Zwinging Alpha (by Fighting Alpha). Mother Zwinging Alpha jumped 1.35m level ridden

by Stephan Haarman. Stephan also trained grandmother Henrica. Henrica is the ancestor of the show jumping

horses in Wilp. She jumped at 1.35m level under the name Haaram also ridden by Stephan Haarman and is dam

to the Olympic show jumper Rivaal (Monaco).



Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve - Stephan & Evelien Haarman

Heeringstraat 4

7384 SL Wilp (Gelderland)

Stephan: 0031 (0)648 969 744

Evelien:   0031 (0)629 464 726