Young KWPN visiting stud farm Beltmanshoeve

Young KWPN and "KWPN meets" at stud farm Beltmanshoeve


Yesterday there was an interesting visit at Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve. Members of the Young KWPN were there as part of the Young Breeders Program. This evening was a preparation for the NK Young Breeders. Stephan and Evelien were able to show three jumping and three dressage horses. Together with inspector Henk Dirksen, the Young KWPN members scored the horses first in the line-up and walk. After that the horses where be turned loose to show themselves in free jumping or loose movement. A number of foals were also shown.


There also took recordings place for the item "KWPN meets".

Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve - Stephan & Evelien Haarman

Heeringstraat 4

7384 SL Wilp (Gelderland)


Stephan: 0031 (0)648 969 744



VAT-number: NL851317327B01

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