Iroccalavsca Fortuna

Zirocco Blue VDL x Berdilavsca Fortuna (Verdi x Voltaire)

Iroccalavsca Fortuna
Iroccalavsca Fortuna

Born: 2013

Studbook: KWPN

Predicates: Ster


Iroccalavsca Fortuna is stabled at Stal Beltmanshoeve since March 2017. The daughter of the Grand Prix stallion and top sire Zirocco Blue VDL is bred out of Berdilavsca Fortuna. Berdilavsca Fortuna also bred the international 1.40m jumping Fascinating Fortuna ridden by Patrick Lemmen.


Pedigree Iroccalavsca Fortuna



  Mr. Blue pref.  
    Acarla ster prest.
Zirocco Blue VDL keur    
    Voltaire pref.

Licorne des Forets

    Gekas des Forets
    Quidam de Revel
  Verdi keur  
Berdilavsca Fortuna ster, voorl.keur    
    Voltaire pref.
  Mhilavsca Fortuna ster pref. prest.  
    Ilavsca Fortuna keur pref. prest.


Iroccalavsca Fortuna's offspring:

2018: Niroccalavsca Fortuna (Colman)

2019: In foal to Berlin (Cassini I x Caretino)

Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve - Stephan & Evelien Haarman

Heeringstraat 4

7384 SL Wilp (Gelderland)

Stephan: 0031 (0)648 969 744

Evelien:   0031 (0)629 464 726