Tango x Serendy (Jazz x Ulft)


Born: 2011
Studbook: KWPN
Predicates:  Keur, Sport (drs) and IBOP(drs)

Sport: Z2 dressage level


Gerendy is bred out of Serendy (Preferent, Elite, Prestatie) just like the Grand Prix dressage horses Zuidenwind (also KWPN approved stallion) and Bono, the Inter II dressage horse Wish and the ZZ-Zwaar dressage horse Amoor, who are all sired by OO Seven.


From the same breeding line are the KWPN licensed stallions Charmeur and Zhivago.


Pedigree Gerendy


    Cocktail pref.
  Jazz pref.  
    Charmante keur prest.
    Contango pref.

O.Bertje keur pref. prest. 

    Cardola ster pref.
    Cocktail pref.
  Jazz pref.  
    Charmante keur prest.
 Serendy elite pref. prest.    
    Ulft keur
  Endy keur pref. prest.  
    Wendy keur pref. prest.


Some of Gerendy's offspring :


2015: Kerendy-STRH. (Governor)
2016: L'Espoir-STRH. (Governor) - Sold at Elite Foal Auction Borculo - photo 1 and 2

2017: Merendy-STRH. (Ferguson)

2019: In foal to Ferdeaux (Bordeaux x Ferro)

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