Inegra fortuna

Negro x Etione Fortuna (Florencio x Rubiquil)

Inegra Fortuna
Inegra Fortuna

Born.: 2013
Studbook: KWPN
Predicates: Prok


Inegra Fortuna is a daughter of the Preferent stallion Negro, just as Valegro. Negro is ranked high in the WBFSH ranking. Negro's offspring is appreciated for their great cooperative character and strong hindleg use. Top sire Florencio and the Grand Prix dressage stallion Rubiquil strengthen the pedigree of Inegra .


Her dam Etione Fortuna is also stabled at Stal Beltmanshoeve


Pedigree Inegra Fortuna


    Ulft keur
  Ferro pref.  
    Brenda ster pref. prest.
Negro pref.    

Fewrie keur pref. prest. 

    Mewri keur pref. prest. sport -(spr)
    Florestan I
  Florencio keur  
 Etione Fortuna ster    
  Atione Fortuna ster prok  
    Tione Fortuna ster sport -(dres)


Inegra Fortuna's offspring:

2017: Metione Fortuna (Ferdinand)

2018: Nyrone Fortuna (Ferdinand) - photo 1

2019: Daily Diamond - photo 2 and 3

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