Jazz x Fidora (Ulft x Roemer)


Born: 1996
Studbook: KWPN
Predicates: Elite, Preferent, Prestatie and Prok


Orleans is the full sister to the olympic medal horse Parzival, who took part of the Dutch dressage team with Adelinde Cornelissen for many years.


She is also dam of the KWPN licensed stallion Governor (Totilas) and three national dressage horses.


Orleans  is also full sister to our breeding mare Toulouse


Pedigree Orleans

    Purioso keur 
  Cocktail pref.  
    Ulissa keur pref. prest. 
Jazz pref.    

Charmante keur prest.

    Warmante keur pref. prest.
    Le Mexico keur
  Ulft keur  
    Pia keur pref. prest.
 Fidora ster pref. prest.    
    Roemer pref.
  Antara keur pref. prest.  
    Tamara keur


Some of Orleans' descendants:


2002: Vancouver (Polansky) - KWPN referred stallion and  Prix St.Georges dressage
2005: TC Athene (United) - Prix St.Georges dressage - photo 2
2006: Brentano (United) - KWPN referred stallion - photo 3
2008: Dimanche (Stedinger) - Ster, Prok, IBOP(dr.)
2009: Edelweiss-STR. (Zhivago) - Elite, IBOP(dr.)
2010: Florence-STR. (San Amour) - Sport(dr.), D-OC, ZZ-Licht dressage

2011: Governor-STR. (Totilas) - KWPN licensed stallion - photo 4

2014: Jericho-STRH. (Charmeur) - Sold at Elite Foal Auction Borculo to Blue Hors Stud - photo 1

2016: Lord Orleans-STRH. (Estoril) - Sold

2016: Lady Orleans-STRH. (Grenoble) - Sold

2017: Mascotte-STRH. (Glock's Toto jr.)

2018: New Jersey-STRH. (Jersey) - Sold

2019: ET Jersey (Vivaldi x Ferro)

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