Zurelie Fortuna

Rubiquil x Urelie Fortuna (Jazz x Flemmingh)

Zurelie Fortuna
Zurelie Fortuna

Born.: 2004
Studbook: KWPN
Predicates: Prestatie and Prok


Zurelie Fortuna is a daughter of the deceased stallion Rubiquil. The stallion Rubiquil passed his intelligence and willingness on to his offspring. His children also show his cooperative nature. Rubiquil has several approved sons and many descendants also proved themselves and compete at competitions.


Zurelie Fortuna produced the international dressage horse Florento Fortuna (Sorento) ridden by Tatiana Miloserdova (Russia). Florento Fortuna competes at  Grand Prix level. The Sorento son Gordias Fortuna performs at ZZ-zwaar level with rider Esmee van Veen.


Pedigree Zurelie Fortuna


  Rubinstein I  
    Antine H Westf.
    Roemer pref.

Aquila keur prest.

    Cocktail pref.
  Jazz pref.  
    Charmante keur prest.
Urelie Fortuna ster prok    
    Flemming pref.
  Relie Fortuna ster  


Some of Zurelie Fortuna's offspring:

2009: Erelie Fortuna (Delatio) - Prok and M1-dressage

2010: Florento Fortuna (Sorento) -  Prix St.Georges dressage / Inter I, Tatiana Miloserdova (Rus) - photo 1

2011: Gordias Fortuna (Sorento) -  ZZ-licht dressage, Esmee van Veen (NL) - photo 3

2013: Irento Fortuna (Sorento) - Sold

2014: Jurelie Fortuna (Everdale) - Sold, Prok

2015: Kurelie Fortuna (Giovanni) - Ster, Voorlopig Keur, Prok

2016: Lord Ferdi Fortuna (Ferdinand) - Sold

2018: Nordias Fortuna (Ferdinand)


Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve - Stephan & Evelien Haarman

Heeringstraat 4

7384 SL Wilp (Gelderland)

Stephan: 0031 (0)648 969 744

Evelien:   0031 (0)629 464 726