Video References of Sporthorses

On this page you can see that breeding is being carried out with proven damlines at Studfarm Beltmanshoeve. Below is an overview of videos of horses that have been owned by Stephan and Evelien Haarman or that are closely related to their breeding mares. Here you can see that the quality of the proven bloodlines is evident.

Emhilavsca Fortuna (Padinus x Caruso x Voltaire) 

Successful International 1.45m show jumper in America ridden by Kristen VanderVeen

Dam of the mare Jessilavasca Fortuna (by Durango)


Queen Jane (Colman x Corland x Nimmerdor)

Queen Jane is a successful International 1.60m show jumper under Mclain Ward.

The Nimmerdor mare is also the damline of the mare Iroccalavsca Fortuna (Zirocco Blue x Verdi x Voltaire x Nimmerdor)

Governor-STR. (Totilas x Jazz x Ulft)

Very successful dressage horse (PSG/Inter I) and approved stallion. Bred out of the mare Orleans. Orleans who is also  the mother of the United son TC Athene and the Zhivago daughter Edelweiss-STR. 

Genua TC (Charmeur x Jazz x Ulft)

Succesful dressage horse (PSG/Inter I) bred out of the mare Toulouse. Toulouse is also the mother of Bretagne-STR. (00 Seven), Damanche-STR. (Zuidenwind), Kerlouan-STRH. and Lisieux-STRH.


Bulavsco (Verdi TN x Corland x Nimmerdor) 

Bulavsco jumps Grand Prix under Sanne Tijssen. Bulavsco is bred out of the successful combination Corland x Nimmerdor and this damline is related to the mare Iroccalavsca Fortuna

Funnycan (Zavall VDL x Monaco x Amethist)

Funnycan jumps at 1.45m level ridden by Helen Tredwell. She comes from the same dam as homebred Iowenna and Howenna. Bred out of the famous mare Rowenna

Brighton Bay (Ultimo x Kreator xx x Orion Fortuna)

Brighton Bay is successful in the 1.45m. Dam Anoulavsca Fortuna is also the dam of the approved stallion Kordon  (Kreator’s son) and his brother Lord Kreator (by Glenfiddich VDL) 

Zellobee (Berlin x Corland x Voltaire)

Zellobee jumps 1.55m with Maureen Bonder. In the damline we see again Ilavsca Fortuna (by Nimmerdor). She is also the mother of the Berlin son Bottorfer who jumps at 1.50m and the mare Biskit (by Caruso) who jumps 1.45m

Fascinating Fortuna (Zapatero x Verdi TN x Voltaire)

Fascinating Fortuna is a successful international 1.45m show jumper ridden by Patrick Lemmen. Fascinating Fortuna is bred out of Berdilavsca Fortuna who is also the mother of the mare Iroccalavsca Fortuna

TC Athene (United x Jazz x Ulft)

International U25 horse under Jeanine Nieuwenhuis. TC Athene is bred out of the famous dam Orleans who is also the mother of the approved stallion Governor-STR. and Edelweiss-STR. is

Iomie (Zavall VDL x Legaat x Aram)

Iomie comes from a predicate damline. Dam

Naomie and granddam Henrica (Haaram) jumped both at 1.35m level ridden by Stephan Haarman

Entertainer (Warrant x Corland x Voltaire)

Entertainer is approved stallion and Grand Prix jumping horse. He's related to Iroccalavsca Fortuna


It's Comming (Carambole x Karlstad x Voltaire)

It's Comming shows herself well in the young horses competitions. In the damline we see the 1.50m jumping horse Wodka Lime, Berlin son Homerun and loose-jumping Champion Keldorado

Lonely Star Fortuna (Cohinoor VDL x Canturano x Quasimodo Z)

Lonely Star Fortuna is bred out of the 
Canturano mare Ejiry Fortuna, who died too
early. Ejiry Fortuna became second at the
Central mare inspections at Drenthe as a 3 year old

Florento Fortuna (Sorento x Rubiquil x Jazz)

Florento Fortuna, is just like, Gordias Fortuna (Sorento) one of the sons bred out Zurelie Fortuna who does perform very wel at international (Grand Prix) and ZZ-Zwaar level.

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